Jameston Thieves Podcast

Jameston Thieves Podcast

14 May 18
by Daniel Strongin

Jameston Thieves Bio

Genres do not exist in the mind of Jameston Thieves, the brainchild of 22-year-old Phoenix native, Jake Maloney. The Phoenix native has quickly become a mainstay in the dance community with his original sound and genre-bending productions while remaining one of the most talented producers out. His impeccable sound design, passion for high energy music, and innate desire to experiment has landed him recognition from every corner of the industry.

His 2014 EP “A Little Deeper” put the project into motion with its unique sound of dubstep and house. In 2015, Jameston Thieves was put on two official remixes through Atlantic Records. His Ty Dolla $ign ‘Drop That Kitty’ and Flo Rida’s ‘My House’ remixes brought him widespread attention in the music scene collecting over 3 million streams across several platforms.

Jameston Thieves began touring in 2015 and has since played national, international and major festival shows. Jameston Thieves’ continued success has garnered him support from artists like Diplo, Dillon Francis, Bassnectar, Tchami Jauz, Borgore, and Oliver Heldens. He has released music through Owsla, Dim Mak, Armada, Cherry Tree/Universal, Big Beat/Atlantic, Buygore, and more. He has also received radio support from industry giants such as: Martin Garrix, Hardwell, MAKJ, Steve Aoki,David Guetta, and Morgan Page. With his unique sound and ability to stay ahead of the curve, there is no telling where his growing talent will take him in the future.

Chapter Markers

3:50 What is happening with the audio?
5:26 Who is Jameston Thieves and how did the project begin?
10:36 Emotions and music creation
15:57 Some legal talk
17:43 Mastering your own tracks
22:03 What are you using on your master channel?
25:14 What EQ shape are you looking for on your master channel?
26:00 How long does it take to mix your tracks?
29:12 The importance of sound selection
31:32 Don’t break your Roland Space Echo
34:18 Jameston Thieve's hobbies
36:27 The didgeridoo
38:56 Why you should try playing new instruments
41:38 The importance of experimenting and making music that makes you happy
43:28 Is today’s music just on repeat?
45:12 Tips for producers just starting out and how to create your own sound
46:31 Experimenting and creativity
49:19 How to apply tutorials that you watch
54:38 How many years have you been producing?
56:41 Art is an experiment
57:40 How many hours a day do you produce?
60:46 Capturing the moment
62:04 More advice for producers just starting out
65:40 Philz Coffee Announcement
68:30 What the founder of SoundShock, Daniel, did before creating SoundShock
69:32 Jameston Thieve's career advice for the founder of SoundShock, Daniel
73:48 What to use for pre drop vocals?
77:38 Do you listen to the radio?
80:27 What type of music does Jameston Thieves listen to?
84:27 Inspiration from masterful instrumentation
86:27 Keep evolving
87:50 A little about Drum & Bass
90:52 What other projects is Jameston Thieves working on?
92:02 Jameston Thieves on teaching music production
97:53 What common problems do you hear in amateur productions?
99:47 What part of the stereo field do you put the different elements of your track in?
104:13 Do you mix in mono?
105:23 Trusting your ears and understanding when your track is done
109:41 What you should take away from this podcast

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