Mikas: We Make Dance Music Interview

Mikas: We Make Dance Music Podcast

22 Aug 18
by Daniel Strongin



Mikas Bio

Mikas is a digital music specialist and an audio entrepreneur. His journey into Electronic Music started in the 1990s as a DJ, promoter and producer. He has dedicated more than 20 000 hours producing music for himself and his clients, perfecting his craft to excel in mix engineering and mastering electronic music and beyond.

For the past 6 years, he’s been developing technology solutions building the www.wemakedancemusic.com platform which opened the door to a completely new market of products that were not known beforehand.

Founded in July 2012, We Make Dance Music is a trusted community-marketplace for producers, musicians and singers to discover, buy and sell unique music project files, templates, sounds, STEMS & royalty free music.

As an artist Mikas has released 6 full-length albums in the past 12 years featuring original work and collaborations. His albums are always melodic and progressive by nature. Like everything his music evolved with the years: the electronic sounds have been refined and interpreted to their simplest form. While artists tend to define their music with genres, Mikas doesn’t.

Mikas also owns a record label, Progressive Grooves Records, which he set up in 2005. The label has been publishing inspired electronic music receiving support from the best DJs both live and on the airwaves.

With over 250 000 digital downloads sold under his label, together with his artists he frequently reached the top 10 on beatport progressive house and trance music charts.

During his Dj career he performed live in numerous venues from lounges to large after-hours with 50 to 2000 people in attendance.

Mikas co-produced and animated a TV and radio show featuring the world’s best DJs. He realized the entire post production of the video and audio for the 28 episodes.

Talent has always been at the core of his career. To promote it and cultivate opportunities he’s attended various music conferences: WMC (Miami), ADE (Amsterdam), SONAR ( Barcelona), MIDEM (Cannes). And the journey continues.

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Chapter Markers

3:13 Who is Mikas?
5:46 How was it transitioning into a DAW?
7:46 How did you start We Make Dance Music?
11:48 What is offered on We Make Dance Music?
16:06 What was the site like when you first started?
17:17 Why have you received criticism for your website?
19:35 All producers use samples and loops. It is the end results that count.
21:34 How not to use templates.
22:45 Difference between royalty free and copyright free.
24:00 What are some ways you can use templates in your productions.
25:54 How are you starting your tracks?
27:15 Is music theory necessary in electronic music?
30:10 Where do you see the music industry going?
33:58 What does a typical day look like when running We Make Dance Music?
36:47 How can producers get templates, samples, presets, stems, and music up on your site?
39:02 What is the royalty split for having your music or production tools up on We Make Dance Music?
40:10 What is next for We Make Dance Music?
43:14 How do you create a signature sound?
45:12 Tips for producers looking to get on record labels.
46:20 We can everyone find We Make Dance Music.

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