Moog Matriarch Free Samples Vol.2

SoundShockAudio Team
SoundShockAudio Team

Introducing the Matriarch Moog Free Samples, perfect for adding analog magic to your music.

Key Features:
  • Exceptional collection tailored for diverse genres and production styles
  • Versatile and powerful semi-modular analog synthesizer
  • Offers lush pads, atmospheric soundscapes, punchy basslines, and cutting leads
  • Meticulously recorded and processed for high fidelity
  • Genuine representation of Moog Matriarch’s powerful analog sound
  • Seamless integration into your favorite DAW or sampler
Pack Contents

– 60 Analog Moog Matriarch Bass Samples
– 50 Analog Moog Matriarch Lead Sounds
– 18 Analog Moog Matriarch Plucks & Keys Sounds
– 19 Random Recorded Analog Moog Matriarch Sounds

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