Coyote Wah

Coyote Wah

by Coyote Electronics
by Daniel Strongin

Coyote Wah is a VST plugin that implements high-quality sweeping resonant-filter (wah-wah) effects. Advanced audio processing algorithms produce a very clean output, free of artifacts.

Some of the unique features of the Coyote Wah are:

  • Emulation of 4 popular wah-wah pedals.
  • Supports presets and automation.
  • VU meter.
  • Controllable by an external Midi controller (e.g. pedal).

Latest Versions:

PC: 2.0

Mac: 2.0



Daniel Strongin
San Francisco

Daniel is a caffeine dependent, entrepreneur, music producer, sound design junkie, and world traveler crazy about teaching modern electronic music production through his site SoundShock. You can get in contact with him at

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