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MIDI Keyboards

MIDI keyboards are a must to bring out your creativity. It can be quite stale just using your mouse and keyboard. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, the keyboards we recommend we’ll fit perfectly into your workflow.



We’ve tested tons of mics at SoundShockAudio and found some incredible ones that’ll fit any skill level and budget. We’re talking crystal clarity and durability here. We absolutely recommend the classic Neumann U 87a. It’s pure studio magic, lifting any sound that is recorded on it.



Arguably the most important piece of music gear is your laptop. Without a decent laptop, it’ll be a struggle to make the music you know you’re capable of. We understand that people have varying budgets when it comes to an expensive purchase like a laptop. We cover the top music production laptops for ALL budgets!


Acoustic Foam

Most bedroom music producers neglect this simple, but important piece of gear. In any studio setup, you’re going to have reflections of sound which can alter your perception of your mix. Find out what the best studio panels are for treating your bedroom studio.


Music Production Desk

Your need to put all your gear on something. Why not get a desk that is desingned for a music producer so you don’t have to figure out where to put all your gear.


Music Studio Chairs

You are going to be doing a LOT of sitting when producing. Having a comfortable chair that is ergonomic is non negotiable. We cover the top tier studio chairs and the most budget friendly ones.


External HD

You need to store all your samples and Kontakt libraries somewhere. If you want a big library of sounds, you’re going to need a hard drive. We cover all the best SSD and spinning disk external hard drives that are ideal for music production.

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