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Need a sample for a specific instrument? We have 11 different types of instrument sample packs.


Brass & Woodwind









Free Samples and Loops Packs by Genre

Download from our collection of free samples and loops for 31 different genres.



big room



Deep House

Drum & Bass






futrue house

future bass

future bounce




Hip Hop




melbourne bounce


nu disco


progressive house





Tech house




tropical house


What is The SoundShockAudio Library of Free Samples and Loops?

We have the largest collection of free sample packs on the internet. No other blog or music production type website comes close to amount of sample packs in our library.

We have 31 different genres of sample packs and 11 different types of sample packs by instrument.

If you don’t want to pay for expensive sample packs, SoundShockAudio is the #1 site for you to download from.

Did SoundShockAudio Create the Sample Packs in the Library?

No, we didn’t create any of these sample packs. We found these sample packs in every corner of the web to bring you the best avaialbe free samples and loops.

Music producers around the world created these sample packs. You can actually the sample packs that are on SoundShockAudio on the creators website.

You don’t even really need to use SoundShockAudio.

If the Samples and Loops are Free, Why Does SoundShockAudio Charge a Low Monthly Subscription?

We’ll answer this by asking you a few questions.

Do you want to spend a ton of time Googling and searching for samples and loops and spend less time producing?

Do you want to browser through other music production blogs that have no organization and take forever to find what you want?

Do you want to download sample packs that don’t have an audio demo only to find out that you don’t like the sample pack?

Do you want to spend a ton of money on sample packs?

SoundShockAudio solves ALL of these problems.

Why Subscribe to SoundShockAudio?

  • Save Time: Avoid long hours spent searching for the right samples across unorganized platforms. Our curated library provides quick access.
  • Save Money: Instead of buying expensive sample packs, benefit from our extensive, free library with added features like audio demos.
  • Quality and Organization: Each sample pack in our library is accompanied by an audio demo, detailed descriptions, usage tips, genre suitability, and direct downloads, all organized for ease of use.


How Does SoundShockAudio Save Me Time & Money?

You have a few options to find the free sample packs in our library without paying a SoundShockAudio subscription.

You can:

  • Google the sample pack
  • look at other unorganized music production websites
  • use AI search tools like

All of these options are time consuming.

Sure you can buy premium sample packs, but these cost money. And if you’re a music producer, you’re probably on a tight budget.

For each free sample pack released on the internet, we do the following:

  • add them to our organized & easy to navigate library
  • add an audio demo of ALL the samples in the sample packs
  • include details about the sample pack
  • provide tips for using the sample pack in your music
  • give suggestions for what genres the sample pack is suitable for
  • give our personal reveiw of the sample pack
  • include a Direct download of the free sample pack

We built this library of music production tools for you!

We want you to stop wasting time trying to find free samples and loops or other music production tools.

Our library makes it incredibly easy to find the tools that you’ll actually use in your music at an affordable price.

The largest collection of free music tools on the internet

  • 4,000+ music production tools
  • new tools added weekly
  • helpful videos and audio included
  • direct download

Are the Free Sample Packs Any Good?

Talk is cheap. We won’t comment on this.

Hear for yourself in the audio players below on whether the free sample packs in our library are any good.

Have a specific type of sample and loop in mind?

Check out our sample packs by genre or by instrument.

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