Defilter by Acon Digital Review

DeFilter Reivew

by Daniel Strongin           18 Dec 18

EQing is one of the most important and difficult parts of the mixing process.

Achieving a tonal balance that allows all the elements in your track to have their own space and shine through in the mix can be quite tough.

With Acon Digital’s DeFilter plugin, you can easily even out these tonal imbalances and fix any resonant peaks or dips in the frequency spectrum.

What Is the DeFilter Plugin?

“Smart" mixing tools are here to stay in the music production world. Acon Digital has taken notice of this shift in technology and has created their own automatic mixing tool in the form of an EQ/Filter.

DeFilter can automatically address problems in your mix and remove unwanted frequencies and tonal imbalances just by analyzing 15 to 30 seconds of audio that you feed into it.

One of DeFilter's greatest features is the ability to remove peaks and dips in the frequency spectrum without affecting the overall timbre of your sound.

Manually removing sharp resonances from your mix while retaining the original timbre is no easy task, which makes this plugin an absolute life saver when looking to apply this corrective EQing.

Another key feature of DeFilter is it’s ability to perform match EQing.

DeFilter can match the frequency spectrum to a predefined EQ curve such as an entire track, speech, or your own custom EQ profile.

This feature is incredibly useful when you are looking to achieve a specific sonic character to your mix.

Taking a look inside DeFilter, we can look at some of the unique controls that it uses to achieve this automatic frequency manipulation.


To begin using DeFilter, you must first head on over to the Filter Estimation section.

Before applying any frequency correction filtering, you simply click the “Learn" button and the plugin will estimate your input signal's long term frequency spectrum.

After 15 to 30 seconds of analyzing, simply click the “Learn" button again and DeFilter will start applying the corrective processing to your signal to give a more balanced frequency spectrum with the overall timbre intact.

It is as simple as that!

To fine tune the corrective EQing that was just done, Acon Digital added an emphasis curve.
This emphasis curve gives you frequency dependent control over the corrective Eqing that was applied. You can correct the processing that was applied from 0% (no correction) to 100% (full correction).

This feature is great for honing in on the exact sound that you want. Often times, certain parts of the frequency spectrum will not need 100% correction, so having this frequency specific dry/wet control for the DeFilter will allow you to dial in the exact amount of processing.

The second main control of DeFilter is the Target EQ profile.

This is where you can control the properties of the desired target frequency spectrum.

Basically, this EQ profile tells the DeFilter how it should apply its corrective spectrum processing.

By default, the target EQ profile is set to automatic, which smoothes out the frequency spectrum based of the specific audio that you feed into it.

The other options for the target EQ profile include: three types of music profiles, speech, and custom.

If you are looking to apply filtering to an entire mix, it is recommended to use one of the three music profiles.

If you are looking to apply EQing to a voice recording, use the speech profile.

Finally, if none of the preset target EQ profiles fits your sound, you can load in your own custom profile to match the timbre of a sound of your choice.

Match EQing

Another very useful feature of DeFilter is its ability to do match EQing with a custom signal of your choice.

Lets say we are working on a song and can’t quite get the mix to sound as balanced as we would like.

We can easily turn to DeFilters match EQing function to help guide us in the right direction.

Simply grab a track that is in the same style or genre that you are working in and has similar sounds in the mix.

Apply the learn feature to the reference song and hit the “Save" button in the “Filter Estimation” section.

This will save the frequency spectrum estimation of the reference track.

Next, apply the DeFilter to your mix and click the “Learn" button again.

After 15 to 30 seconds, click the “Learn" button again and load up the reference track frequency estimation in the “Target EQ Profile.”

Doing this will apply the reference track's frequency estimation curve to your mix and you will then have a great starting point for getting the mix that you want for your track!

Alternate uses of DeFilter

While DeFilter is an incredible tool for balancing out your frequency spectrum, it can also be used in conjunction with a conventional EQ as an analysis tool.

The correction curve that you can apply can help identify peaks and dips that can be difficult to find with a standard EQ.

By clicking the “Alt” key when hovering over the spectrum you can see the exact frequency that you are on and the gain values. You can then use this precise reading to make well informed mixing decisions on your conventional EQ.


With Acon Digital’s brilliant automatic mixing tool, shaping the frequency spectrum of your sounds for creative and corrective purposes has never been easier.

The powerful learn function on the plugin combined with its ability to shape the frequency curve with preset or custom EQ profiles makes this plugin a must have for any serious producer.

For only $99.90 you can get this plugin! Grab your copy of Acon Digitals DeFilter below


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