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How to Promote Yourself as an Artist on Social Media


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As a musician, you have to keep a lot of plates spinning. Between writing and mixing songs, performing, and advertising your craft, managing your time can feel overwhelming. However, many artists find that social media is an invaluable tool to promote their talents effectively and expand their fanbases. If you’re a master at networking but struggle to master the art of social media, these tips could help you excel. Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, Tik Tok or Facebook, there are a few key steps you can take to expand your reach and get more fans!

Cross-Promote Your Accounts

Doing a Facebook Live? Be sure to tell your fans to hit you up on Instagram! Just posted a new Tik Tok? Link to your Twitter in the description. This is one of the easiest steps you can take to let your fans follow you on all your social media accounts—and it’s free! It’s important to do this because if someone follows you on Instagram, they may not think to follow you on Facebook or Twitter. If they don’t, you’ve missed out on another opportunity to engage them with your music. Easily providing them with the information to find you on their preferred social media helps increase their engagement. And it makes it easier for them to share your content with their friends! Remind your viewers and fans that you’re on all the socials, and if you’re not…then download some new apps and tell your fans to follow you.

Release New Music on Your Social Media First

Social media is a fantastic way to build anticipation and excitement around upcoming new releases. If you want to make sure your fans will follow you on Instagram, Facebook, and more, give them exclusive content they can find early on your social media. Be sure to tease regularly when you have a new song arrangement coming, then do the initial release on your social media before it becomes available on streaming platforms.

Know Your Audience

The best way to get followers is to post great content. But how do you make great content? There are plenty of online music production tutorials that you can check out on YouTube for free. Just type in anything you are looking to learn in the search bar and YouTube and more often than not, there will be a video for you to learn from. You can start by checking out the UpstreamSquad YouTube channel which has some of the most in-depth mixing tutorials on YouTube! Also, knowing your audience is crucial if you want to promote yourself across social media effectively. Get to know your fans. If they like the occasional meme, be sure to incorporate that into your stories and posts. If you have the opportunity and resources, do some online analytics of your followers. Learn what demographic engages most with your content and create content they enjoy and will want to share with their friends.

Post Early, Post Often

This is perhaps the most evident one, but for budding artists, it can be incredibly difficult to create regular posts. It’s best to post early in the day, so people have time to engage with your content. Post in the morning before people go to work. Most people check their phone before they begin work or right when they wake up, so the closer you get to that window, the better off you are. Posting often also increases engagement because it shows the “algorithm” that your content is fresh and relevant, and so it will be more likely to be shown more prominently on people’s feeds. Above all, remember to be yourself on social media. When you’re trying to build a fanbase, people want to see your authenticity and talent, two things any good artist is never short of. Use your social media profile to let your audience get to know you and your brand. It will go a long way toward advancing your career!


Megan Haffron is a classically trained musician, freelance writer, and content strategist, with a focus on branding and content development. She has a passion for anime, pop culture, video games, and staying on top of the latest news in the entertainment industry.

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