Naxxos Podcast

Naxxos Podcast

9 April 18
by Daniel Strongin

Naxxos Bio

Naxxos is a unique project in many aspects. Composed by a doctor and a sound engineer, the two friends started making music together when they were in high school, back in 2010. Three years later, the Naxxos project came out and their first released track – New Orleans – became a worldwide success as a pioneer song of the Tropical House. From this moment they were travelling around the world between their studies, being regular students and an international act at the same time.

Four years later, they are coming back with a totally new challenge: the production of a new EP that aim to take the project into the future bass, trap and other undiscovered areas. With their experience and their unique touch they are taking the project to a new horizon. This new direction representing the core of the NAXXOS project, being authentic by producing the music they like to play and share.

Chapter Markers

2:07 Who is Naxxos and how did you guys start?
4:00 How did you transition from Drum & Bass to Future Bass
5:50 How do you create your melodies and chord progressions
7:01 The importance of music theory
8:15 Advice for impatient producers
11:03 How do you work with vocalists?
14:53 How do you process your vocals?
18:16 What are your go to plugins
24:20 Do you master your own tracks?
27:38 Are the loudness wars over?
29:47 How do you handle social media as artists?
34:55 How did you come up with the name naxxos?
36:00 How did you get your music heard?
38:40 Tips for sending music out to labels
41:25 When did you know it was time to get a manger?
44:35 How do you know when a track is done?

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