SoundShockAudio Team
SoundShockAudio Team

TheSynthFactory debuts Azimuth, a virtual analog and wavetable synthesizer for Mac and Windows computers.

Key Features:
  • Clear and easy-to-read single-page interface
  • Four oscillators with eight voices of unison per voice
  • Wavetable engine for unique sound flavor
  • Panning and voice delay options for stereo effects
  • Two multimode filters with modulation options
  • Three LFOs for gain, filter, and pitch modulation
  • Four master effects: phaser, EQ, reverb, and delay
  • Central X/Y pad for mouse movement recording and control assignments
  • Great for creating wide pads, interesting patches, and vector-based synthesis
  • Compatible with VST3 and AU plugin formats; supports Intel and Apple Silicon

Explore Azimuth and enjoy a fun, versatile synth for your music production needs.

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