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What synths do you have presets for?

We have synth presets for Harmor, Massive, Spire, Sytrus, Sylenth1, and Xfer Serum.

You’ll find all types of presets in our collection of free synth presets including:

  • pads
  • plucks
  • sequences
  • arps
  • basses
  • FX
  • chords

The genres that you’ll find synth presets for in the SoundShockAudio library are mostly for electronic music.

Did you make these synth presets?

No. The synth presets in our library are created by other music producers. These producers made these synth packs free to download for anyone.

Why pay for a SoundShockAudio subscription to get access to these synth presets?

To save time and money! (these kind of sound like important resources)

Saving Time

All the synth presets in our library can be found on Google. In fact, you can just go onto our category pages for the synth presets and then Google them and not pay a subscription fee to us.

We would be more than happy if you decided to do this!

Buuuuut this is time consuming.

And you may have to sign up to a ton of email lists and may have to go through a shopping cart and enter your address.

Then you get all these emails from people that you don’t want to get emails from.

Our collection of synth preset packs is the largest on the internet, is well organized, and will save you time searching for the right free synth preset pack.

Saving Money

We are all on a budget. And chances are if you are a music producer, you are on a tight budget.

We offer the cheapest option on the internet for synth presets and music production tools.

Stop wasting time and money and get access to not only our entire collection of synth presets, but our entire collection of 4,000+ music production tools.

Get Access To Our Entire Library

If you are looking for synth presets, then you’ll want to check out our synth VST plugins.

You’re sure to find a new synth that you can add to the track you’re working on.

Ohhh and many of the synth VST plugins come with presets!

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