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DAWs can be EXPENSIVE. If you are just getting into producing or need something on a budget, pick up one of the DAWs in our library.

DAW templates

Starting with a blank project in your DAW can be a creativity killer. Start your next track with samples, plugins, and effects already set up in the style of music you want to create.

synth presets

We aren’t all sound design wizards. Even if you are, having sounds that you know sound good and are ready to go can be a creativity and time saver.

vST Plugins

We’ve never seen anyone create professional sounding music with at least some 3rd party plugins. Download 23 different effect and 8 different instrument VST plugins.

Samples and Loops

We all need them and we all use them. There are 200k+ samples in our library for you to download. Browse over 31 different genres and 11 different interment sample packs.

Kontakt Instruments

Kontakt instruments will bring any track to life. All you need is the free version of Kontakt player and you can use our diverse instrument library.


We aren’t all Mozart. The pre-built musical passages that are MIDI can help you get that chord progression or lead down quickly without having to smash your head into your computer.

Music Apps

Producing on the go has become pretty popular. Phones are powerful enough to have fully featured DAWs and allow you to create professional sounding music.

What is the SoundShockAudio library of Music Tools?

Our library of music tools contains over 4,000 resources including:

Our library of music tools is not like other music production websites.

We don’t just throw up an article that repeats the contents or features of the free tool and leave them uncategorized in our blog archive page.

We don’t want to waste your time. We don’t want to waste your money.

We have a well organized library with articles on each music tool that are actually helpful to you.

More on this below.

We spent an insane amount of time sourcing the free tools.

Just Googling “free Hip Hop sample packs” and looking at the top 20 or even 50 results is not going to uncover all of the best Hip Hop sample packs out there.

We have all of the “deep cuts” in our library which also helps give us the biggest library on the web.

Don’t believe that we have the biggest library?

Look at any popular music production website that has music tools and count how many they have and count how many we have. (Might take you forever to count other websites’ blog archive pages though)

After we sourced the music tools we add them to our easy to navigate library and create an article that gives you the following:

  • add an audio demo of ALL the DAW templates, sample packs, synth presets, and Kontakt instruments
  • include details about the music tool like features and contents
  • provide tips for using the tool in your music
  • give suggestions for what genres the tool can be used for
  • give our personal review of the music tool
  • include a Direct download for ever music tool

Check out a selection from of our library for each category to see just how helpful the content is.

The largest collection of music tools on the internet

  • 4,000+ music production tools
  • new tools added weekly
  • helpful videos and audio included
  • direct download

How do you access the SoundShockAudio library?

A low cost monthly subscription is required to download from our library.

You can browse our entire library on the category pages. However, each music tools’ article and download button will be blocked.

Paying a small monthly fee for the biggest and most helpful music tool library on the web really is a steal.


Are the music tools in the SoundShockAudio library any good?

We get this question ALLLLL the time.

YESSSSS! That is why we built the biggest library of music tools on the web.

There are an insane amount of good tools in our library.

We are not saying that the all the VST plugins in our library are going to be better than the latest iZotope release.

But many of the tools are just as good if not better than these tools.

Don’t believe us?

Have a listen to this free Hip Hop sample pack that is in our library


or listen to this EDM sample pack


Try this Synth VST called TyrellN6

YouTube video
Download Download

Or try this incredible Analog EQ plugin

YouTube video
Download Download

Browse Our Library of Music Production Tools

You don’t need to pay anything to browse our library. You can check out all of the categories of music production tools and the tools in them.

Then once you see how helpful this library can be to you, then you can decide whether paying a small amount of money every month is worth it.

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