by NUSofting
by Daniel Strongin

Microrock is physically modelled mono bass with filters, distortion, overdrive and chorus. Some "fake" guitar sounds are possible too.

  • monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and powerchords, Legato performance, pitchbend 
  • two Karplus_Strong oscillators, Exciter (amount of energy to string) Pick (noise amplitude 0..2 pre filter), beware: pick adds to exciter
  • nisFilter (noise LP filter 40..3860 Hz) 
  • Modulation (amount of noise modulation to pitch)
  • Fixing (picking position on the string emulation)
  • one ADSR envelope with variable curvature, it controls Amp and DynaTone filters
  • DynaTone, multiple filter parameters combined in one control
  • ToneRama, filters mixer
  • Overdrive and Distorter
  • ModWheel controls Sustain stage
  • CC07 control output level
  • Chorus
  • Legato on off (off for arpeggiator usage)
  • Velocity Sensivity




Daniel Strongin
San Francisco

Daniel is a caffeine dependent, entrepreneur, music producer, sound design junkie, and world traveler crazy about teaching modern electronic music production through his site SoundShock. You can get in contact with him at daniel@soundshockaudio.com

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