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We can't always be at our computers making music. But we still want to be able to make music when we are not by a computer. Music production apps help you create music on-the-go or if you are on a very tight budget. Our collection of music apps have everything you need to capture creativity away from your computers DAW.

A blue square with a wave icon, symbolizing a digital synth.


Projectsas Apps
A red and white SC-ONE icon of a piano in a circle.

SC-ONE synth

An image of a sound wave on a black background with a hint of 'Grainstorm'.


The Secret Laboratory
A black and white image of a keyboard with badges on it.

Kosmische Synthesizer

Nicolas Steven Miller
A synthesizer keyboard icon on a white background.
A black and orange ARPIO icon with a cross on it.


Two Synth buttons with one key play on them.

VL-Tone Synth

Skrivarna Software
A mesmerizing logo featuring a captivating synth pad on a sleek black background.
A green circle with a treble clef logo designed for Yousician's SEO campaign.


Yousician Ltd.
Muckraker's profile picture for o.


Matthew Caldwell
The gear icon on a blue background features a nebulizer.


Matthew Caldwell
Profile picture of a frobulator on a yellow background.


Matthew Caldwell

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