Polyphenom 2


Daniel Strongin



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Polyphenom 2 is a truly hybrid polyphonic synthesizer exploring additive, wavetable, subtractive and fm synthesis – with an extensive array of features, modulations and built in effects.

  • Core synthesis chain of a harmonic oscillator with 16 clean additive partials with control over frequency, panning and modulated volume + 2 fully featured wavetable oscillators with ring modulation. Unison and dedicated pitch modulators are there for the entire oscillator section.
  • Advanced clean FM on the additive harmonics with dynamic modulation on the FM signal itself.
  • Complex randomization features in the additive section.
  • Filter with low, band, notch and high pass options, and dedicated envelope and LFO modulators. The filter LFO features inverse modulation for a neat stereo filt ering effect.
  • Dedicated LFO modulators for everything, with analog style waveforms in free rate or tempo sync mode – intuitive and versatile.
  • Extensive set of built in effects that include: Panner, Crusher, Phaser, Delay, Chorus and Reverb.
  • Over 250 factory presets – mystical sounds at your fingertips.
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