Retro Keys VII


Daniel Strongin



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ZAK Sound


Retro Keys VII is a free ROMpler with seven types of retro pianos. 

These retro pianos are great for LoFi type tracks and really any song that you need to have a classic keys sound from the past. 

Included on the left hand panel of the ROMpler are a bunch of controls. You’ll find ADSR envelopes, highpass filter, and pitch. There are also reverb controls like width and room. Finally there is one cool little effect called “vinyl” which allows you to add a lofi pitched effect. 

For even more keys instruments check out our collection here.

System Requirements:


  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 (only 64 bits)
  • A VST3-compatible DAW
  • 4GB RAM (Recommended)


  • Compatible with macOS El Capitan+
  • A VST3 or AU compatible DAW
  • 4GB RAM (Recommended)\
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