by TAL
by TAL

TAL-DUB-II is an extended version of TAL-Dub-I with a completely new sound engine. A 4x oversampled distortion stage allows to add vintage distortion to the delayd signal, but its also possible to make clean delays. A sinus LFO has the possibility to modulate delay time and low pass filter cutoff. Adjustable LFO stereo width is also included.

An analog sounding 6dB low pass filter with resonance and a 3dB high cut filter are also parts of TAL-DUB-II. Different routing options open a wide range of possibilities.


- Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and trippled and dotted notes).
- 4x oversampled distortion stage.
- VU-Meter shows gain reduction.
- LFO (low pass cutoff and delay modulation, stereo width).
- 6dB resonance low pass filter.
- 3dB high pass filter.
- Midi learn for all pots.
- 20 factory presets.
- Documentation.

Available Interfaces

- Windows Plug-In - VST 32bit/64bit installer
- OSX Plug-In - Audio Unit (32bit), VST (32bit/) installer
Note: Pop up windows must be allowed in your browser for the download link to be triggered.


32 & 64-Bit
Version 1.0

Daniel Strongin
San Francisco

Daniel is a caffeine dependent, entrepreneur, music producer, sound design junkie, and world traveler crazy about teaching modern electronic music production through his site SoundShock. You can get in contact with him at daniel@soundshockaudio.com

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