Twin Engined Verb


Daniel Strongin



A control panel with twin buttons on it.
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Whilst TEV’s aim is not to be ultra-realistic – it is designed to be just that little bit different : two independent stereo echo and reverb units with enhancer and filtering to create a wide variety of spaces.

TEV splits the input into low and high bands and uses a different echo and room effect for each band. The outputs of this are cross-mixed and fed into the enhancer section which uses mid / side processing : dynamics, delay, distortion and noise – shaping the signal before a set of stereo balance controls configure the wet and dry signals ready for the output mix.

From small, slappy bright spaces and long drawn-out echo-ing chasms. Damped delays and distorted noisy fsu effects. Passable rooms and implausible environments – there’s plenty of scope for creating unique spaces. TEV’s distortion has controls for level and threshhold with an additional boost button, and when used with noise, the impulse trigger button can be used to make all manner of explosion effects – handle with care … If all that seems a bit much, there’s 192 presets and a set of randomise buttons – the ultimate in lazy patch-design.

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