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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an advanced producer, SoundShockAudio gives you with EVERYTHING you need to create professional music across any genre.

Our extensive library includes VST plugins, sample packs, DAW templates, & more, ensuring you have the best tools at your fingertips to make your best music.

Unbeatable Value

Why pay a fortune for premium tools when you can access high-quality, industry-standard music resources at a fraction of the cost?

SoundShockAudio’s budget-friendly subscription plans offer unbeatable value, allowing you to invest in your music without breaking the bank.

New Music Tools Added Weekly

Stay at up to date with our continuously expanding library. We add the latest tools weekly, ensuring you always have access to latest and best resources.

Every music tool added is delivered straight to your inbox, keeping you creative and productive in your music.

Get Help with Your Music

Producing music shouldn’t be a solitary endeavor. By joining our supportive Facebook community, you can ask technical music production questions, get feedback on your tracks, & accelerate your growth as a producer.

Tap into collective insights to create professional music more quickly & efficiently.

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Choose the subscription plan that fits your needs and gain instant access to SoundShockAudio’s library of over 4,000 music production tools.

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Check out or organized library filled with VST Plugins, Sample Packs, DAW Templates, MIDI Files, Music Production Apps, Synth Presets, and Kontakt Instruments.

Find What You Need

Utilize our powerful search features and filters to quickly locate the perfect tools for your next production. New library entires will be sent to your inbox every Sunday.

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There are thousands of amazing music production tools available for free across the internet. We wanted to make all of these great tools quickly and easily accessible to music producers.

So we created an library of all of the best music production tools avaialbe online.

Everything is organized so you can find the exact tool you need to make the music that you want to make.

Many of the music tools in our library rival paid ones. We are not saying that the plugins in the library are better than iZotopes latest plugins.

There are many high quality tools in the library that can help you create professional sounding music.

Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you’ll either get access to only the sample packs, only the VST plugins, or our entire library of 4,000+ music tools.

Each plan comes with access to our exclusive Facebook group.

We are able to offer an affordable subscription by a combination of forming direct partnerships with music tool creators, utilizing digital distribution to reduce overheads, encouraging community contributions, adopting a subscription model for steady revenue, and using technology for operational efficiency.

We did not create the music tools that are in our library. Music producers and developers around the world created these tools.

While having the right music tools is a big part of producing professional sounding music, you still need to know how to use them.

You would be in the same situation if you were handed the latest and best tools from iZotope and Native Instruments. You still need to know how to producer music!

New tools are added every week. The number of tools added to our library depends on what new tools are created by developers and music producers every week.

There are usually between 3 and 10 every week.

Yes! All of the samples, presets, DAW templates, and samples in the DAW templates are royalty-free.

You can use the tools in your productions however you like without having to pay any royalty fees. This means you can create and sell your music without paying any other fees.

Yes, we offer a 7-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you realize this is not what you expected, just send us a quick message, and your money will be on its way back.

When we say you can try it risk free, we really mean it!

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