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Generative AI Music Platform Suno Used to Spread Hate Speech, Racism, and Violence

Suno, a popular AI-powered music generator, is under fire for being used to create music that promotes hate speech, racism,
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St. Vincent Critiques Streaming Payouts

St. Vincent criticizes music streaming platforms for favoring repeatable tracks over deeply emotive music, highlighting the financial struggles artists face
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Google DeepMind’s V2A: Revolutionizing Video Creation with AI-Generated Soundtracks

Google DeepMind has unveiled a groundbreaking AI technology that can generate music and soundtracks for videos, transforming the way we
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TikTok Expands Music Ambitions with New Content Investment Team Amid Potential U.S. Ban

TikTok is ramping up its efforts to acquire and manage music content, even as it faces the possibility of a
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The Art of Sampling in Modern Hip-Hop: An Insightful Journey with Flamingosis

Hip-hop is always changing, and sampling is a big part of it. One artist who is really good at this
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Stability AI Unveils Stable Audio Open: A New Era in Sound Generation

Stability AI, renowned for its AI art generator, Stable Diffusion, has recently launched a groundbreaking model named Stable Audio Open.
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AI-Powered Platforms Revolutionizing Music Contracts and Royalty Agreements

Navigating music contracts and royalty agreements has always been daunting for artists. The advent of AI-powered platforms is set to
Spotify CEO Claims Content Creation Costs Are "Close to Zero"

Spotify CEO Claims Content Creation Costs Are “Close to Zero”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's claim of 'close to zero' content creation costs sparks backlash from artists, igniting debate on the
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Sharooz Raoofi’s Endorsement of Cubase: A Deep Dive into His DAW of Choice

Why electronic artist Sharooz Raoofi endorses Cubase as his go-to DAW for superior sound quality and intuitive plugins. Dive into
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Sony Music CEO Advocates for Paid Streaming: A New Era for Music Consumption?

Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer calls for an end to free streaming. Discover the potential impact on the music industry,
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The Future of Music Production: Embracing AI Without Fear

Explore how AI is revolutionizing music production by enhancing creativity and efficiency while preserving the unique human touch. Embrace the
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Embracing AI in Music: Alan Walker’s Innovative Approach

Alan Walker's use of AI in music sparks debate among fans. Discover how AI influences his production and the future
ElevenLabs Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Tool for Generating Sound Effects

ElevenLabs Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Tool for Generating Sound Effects

ElevenLabs launches an AI tool for generating sound effects from text prompts, revolutionizing sound creation for content creators and various
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The Largest Collection of Music Production Tools On the Internet