Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) Review

SoundShockAudio Team
SoundShockAudio Team

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is not your average musical instrument. With its authentic JX-8P sound and behavior, this synthesizer takes your music-making experience to a whole new level. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting out, this innovative product is designed to meet all your musical needs.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a deeper look at the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) and exploring all its incredible features. From the included PG-800 programmer functions to the 32 presets from the original JX-8P plus 111 new presets, this synthesizer offers a wide range of options for creating unique and high-quality sounds. Get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of electronic music with this exceptional product.

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How the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) Works

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is a powerful and versatile music production tool that allows you to create authentic JX-8P sound and behavior. It comes with a host of features that enhance your musical creativity and provide you with a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Authentic JX-8P Sound and Behavior

The JX-08 faithfully reproduces the iconic JX-8P synthesizer’s sound and behavior. It captures the essence of this legendary analog synth, offering warm, rich, and powerful tones that have made the JX-8P a favorite among musicians for decades. With the JX-08, you can experience the same quality and character that made the original so beloved.

PG-800 Programmer Functions Included

One of the standout features of the JX-08 is the inclusion of the PG-800 programmer functions. This allows you to manipulate and shape your sound with ease. The PG-800 features dedicated sliders and buttons for controlling various parameters, giving you hands-on control over your sound design.

Expansive Presets and Effects

The JX-08 comes with a generous selection of presets, including 32 presets from the original JX-8P and 111 new presets. This wide range of sounds covers various genres and styles, giving you a solid foundation to build upon. Additionally, the JX-08 offers 17 new effect types, such as the JUNO-106 chorus, SDD-320 reverb, lo-fi comp, super filter, and pitch shifter. These effects add depth, character, and versatility to your sounds, allowing you to create unique textures and ambiances.

Polyphonic Sequencer and Arpeggiator

The JX-08 features a two-part, 64-step, eight-note polyphonic sequencer with motion recording, a random pattern generator, and memory for 128 patterns. This robust sequencer allows you to create complex musical arrangements with ease. Additionally, the onboard arpeggiator provides a convenient way to create rhythmic and melodic patterns, adding movement and dynamic flair to your compositions.

Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) Uses

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is a versatile tool with multiple uses, making it suitable for various types of musicians and music producers. Let’s explore some of the ways you can utilize this synthesizer:

Live Performances

The JX-08’s intuitive interface and hands-on controls make it an ideal choice for live performances. Whether you’re playing solo or in a band, the JX-08’s authentic sound, expansive presets, and powerful sequencing capabilities allow you to create captivating and dynamic performances. With the ability to play multiple patches using the multitimbral feature, you can layer sounds and create intricate arrangements on the fly.

Studio Recording

For music producers and sound engineers, the JX-08 is a valuable tool for studio recording. Its authentic analog sound and the wide range of effects allow you to craft unique and professional-quality sounds for your tracks. The polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator provide endless possibilities for creating catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and intricate rhythmic patterns. The USB-C audio/MIDI interface and full-size MIDI I/O make it easy to integrate the JX-08 into your existing setup.

Sound Design and Experimentation

If you’re into sound design and experimental music, the JX-08 is a treasure trove of sonic possibilities. With its expanded polyphony compared to the original hardware, up to 20 voices, you can create rich and complex soundscapes. The extensive range of presets and effects, coupled with the ability to manipulate parameters using the PG-800 programmer functions, allows you to push the boundaries of traditional synthesis and explore new sonic territories.

Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08)

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Product Specifications

To provide a clear understanding of the JX-08’s technical specifications, here is a summary:

Specification Details
Sound Engine Analog Modeling
Polyphony Up to 20 voices
Presets 32 presets from the original JX-8P + 111 new presets
Effects 17 effect types, including JUNO-106 chorus, SDD-320 reverb, lo-fi comp, super filter, and pitch shifter
Sequencer Two-part, 64-step, eight-note polyphonic sequencer with motion recording, random pattern generator, and memory for 128 patterns
Arpeggiator Onboard arpeggiator with multiple modes and adjustable parameters
Connectivity USB-C audio/MIDI interface, full-size MIDI I/O, and external clock input
Power Powered via batteries (4 x AA) or USB-C

Who Is the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) For

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is designed for musicians, music producers, and sound enthusiasts who seek to create professional-quality sounds and explore the realm of analog synthesis. Whether you’re a live performer, studio musician, or experimental artist, the JX-08 offers a versatile and powerful toolset to enhance your musical compositions.

Here are a few examples of individuals who can benefit from the JX-08:

  • Electronic music producers looking for authentic analog sounds and versatile sequencing capabilities.
  • Keyboardists and synth enthusiasts who want to add classic JX-8P sounds to their setups.
  • Live performers who need a compact and portable synthesizer with hands-on controls.
  • Sound designers and experimental musicians seeking to push the boundaries of traditional synthesis.
  • Music producers and sound engineers looking for a reliable and versatile synthesizer for studio recording.

Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08)

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

    • Authentic JX-8P sound and behavior
    • Included PG-800 programmer functions for hands-on control
    • Expansive preset library with a wide range of new effects
    • Powerful polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator
    • Two-part multitimbral for playing multiple patches with dual and split capabilities
    • USB-C audio/MIDI interface and full-size MIDI I/O for seamless integration
    • Can be powered via batteries or USB-C
  • Cons:

    • Limited control over parameters without the PG-800 programmer functions
    • Some users might find the learning curve steep for complex sound design


Q: Can the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) be used as a MIDI controller?

A: Yes, the JX-08 can be used as a MIDI controller, thanks to its full-size MIDI I/O. It can transmit MIDI messages to control external devices or software instruments.

Q: Is the JX-08 compatible with DAWs?

A: Yes, the JX-08 features a USB-C audio/MIDI interface, which allows seamless integration with your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. It can send and receive MIDI messages, as well as transmit audio signals.

Q: Can the JX-08 run on batteries?

A: Yes, the JX-08 can be powered by four AA batteries, making it suitable for portable use. Additionally, it can be powered via USB-C for extended use in a studio or live setting.

Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08)

What Customers Say About the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08)

“Roland has done an excellent job recreating the iconic JX-8P sound in a compact and affordable package. The presets are amazing, and the addition of the PG-800 functions is a game-changer. Highly recommended!” – John S.

“The JX-08 is the perfect analog synth for live performances. The sound is warm and full, and the sequencer is a joy to use. I love how it can run on batteries, allowing me to create music anywhere.” – Sarah M.

“I’ve been using the JX-08 in my studio for a few months now, and it’s become one of my go-to synthesizers. The sound quality is top-notch, and the extensive preset library covers a wide range of genres. Definitely a great investment for any music producer.” – David R.

Overall Value

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) offers incredible value for its price. With its authentic JX-8P sound and behavior, intuitive interface, and extensive features, it provides a versatile and powerful instrument for musicians and music producers. The inclusion of the PG-800 programmer functions, expanded polyphony, and multitimbral capabilities enhance its versatility, while the USB-C audio/MIDI interface and full-size MIDI I/O ensure seamless integration into your existing setup. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner in the world of synthesizers, the JX-08 is a worthwhile investment.

Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08)

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Familiarize yourself with the PG-800 programmer functions to unlock the full potential of the JX-08.
  • Experiment with the extensive preset library and effects to discover new and inspiring sounds.
  • Take advantage of the polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator to create dynamic and evolving musical arrangements.
  • Explore the multitimbral capabilities to layer and blend different patches, adding depth and complexity to your compositions.
  • Connect the JX-08 to your DAW and explore its capabilities as a MIDI controller and audio interface.


The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is a remarkable instrument that captures the essence of the legendary JX-8P synth in a compact and affordable package. Its authentic sound, enhanced by the inclusion of new presets and effects, ensures a rich and versatile sonic palette. The polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator, and multitimbral capabilities offer endless possibilities for musical exploration and creativity. Whether you’re a live performer, studio musician, or sound enthusiast, the JX-08 is a valuable addition to your musical arsenal.

Product Summary

Product Name: Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) Product description: Authentic JX-8P sound and behavior, PG-800 programmer functions included, includes 32 presets from the original JX-8P plus 111 new presets, 17 new effect types, two-part, 64-step, eight-note polyphonic sequencer, onboard arpeggiator, expanded polyphony, two-part multitimbral, USB-C audio/MIDI interface, full-size MIDI I/O, powered via batteries (4 x AA) or USB-C.

Final Recommendation

The Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (JX-08) is highly recommended for anyone seeking an affordable yet powerful analog modeling synthesizer with a legendary sound. Its comprehensive feature set, including the PG-800 programmer functions and expansive preset library, ensures endless creativity and inspiration. Whether you’re a performer, producer, or sound designer, the JX-08 is a reliable and versatile instrument that will elevate your musical productions to new heights.

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