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Who’s ready to elevate their RnB game?!

We’ve got something special for you – the 5 Best Free RnB Sample Packs!

These packs are loaded with soulful melodies, smooth chords, and those irresistible grooves that make RnB so captivating.

Each sample pack in our list has been carefully selected to ensure you get the best of the best.

And guess what? Each pack comes with a direct download link and an audio demo, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and start creating those silky-smooth RnB tracks!

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Let’s get those RnB vibes rolling!

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5 Best Free RnB Sample Packs

Let’s now cover all of the best free RnB sample packs

1. Emerald Sample Pack by Wavgrind

Emerald Sample Pack album cover artwork

Overview of Emerald Sample Pack




624 samples

1.6 GB

loops, one shots, MIDI

Emerald Sample Pack by WavGrind is a gem for RnB producers, offering a diverse array of high-quality sounds.

The pack features silky smooth keys, soulful guitar licks, and buttery bass lines that capture the essence of modern RnB.

We’re particularly impressed by the crisp drum samples and lush chord progressions included.

The attention to detail in each sample is evident, providing producers with professional-grade tools for their tracks.

Whether you’re crafting slow jams or uptempo grooves, this pack has everything you need to create authentic RnB vibes.

We found the versatility of these samples to be a standout feature, easily fitting into various subgenres of RnB.

2. Deep Chords Toolkit Freebie by SamplePhonics

Deep Chords Toolkit Freebie cover artwork

Overview of Deep Chords Toolkit Freebie




10 samples

45 MB

one shots

Deep Chords Toolkit from SamplePhonicsoffers a treasure trove of lush, atmospheric chord progressions perfect for RnB productions.

The deeply sampled chords span various keys and tempos, giving producers ample flexibility in their arrangements.

We love how these chords instantly add warmth and depth to any track, creating a rich harmonic foundation.

3. Move For You Freebie by SamplePhonics

Move For You Freebie cover artwork

Overview of Move For You Freebie




10 vocal samples

9.22 MB


We love the Move For You Freebie by SamplePhonics, an essential RnB vocal pack with a soulful edge.

It features loops including verses, choruses, outro, and ad-libs.

The powerful main vocal is complemented by harmonies for extra flair.

Perfect for funky dance drops, house, and electro at 122 BPM.

It’s packed with catchy hooks to keep our creativity flowing.

4. Humphrey RnB Vocals Freebie by SamplePhonics

Humphrey RnB Vocals Freebie cover artwork

Overview of Humphrey RnB Vocals Freebie




10 samples

5.91 MB


Humphrey RnB Vocals Freebie by SamplePhonics offers a collection of smooth and soulful vocal samples perfect for adding a touch of class to our RnB tracks.

We get access to a variety of vocal elements, including verses, choruses, and ad-libs.

Each sample is recorded with pristine clarity, ensuring they sit perfectly in our mix.

The expressive performances capture the essence of RnB, making it easy to enhance our productions with authentic vocal textures.

5. RnB Moods Freebie by SamplePhonics

RnB Moods Freebie cover artwork

Overview of RnB Moods Freebie




10 samples

36 MB


We’re thrilled to present RnB Moods Freebie by SamplePhonics, a pack that captures the essence of modern R&B.

Sultry vocals, smooth synths, and deep bass lines await in this carefully curated collection.

From mellow vibes to upbeat grooves, these samples will inspire your next chart-topping hit.

We love how versatile these sounds are, perfect for both mainstream and underground productions.

With SamplePhonics’ signature quality, this pack is a must-have for any serious RnB producer.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found some incredible RnB sample packs to inspire your next track.

Each of these free packs offers unique sounds to help enhance your music production.

Remember, the best music comes from experimenting and finding your own style.

So, explore these packs and let your creativity flow.

We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Keep pushing the boundaries of your sound and exploring new possibilities.

Happy producing!

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12 thoughts on “5 Best Free RnB Sample Packs”

  1. Loving the sound of that Emerald Sample Pack by Wavgrind. It’s awesome to see folks sharing tools for us up-and-comers. Can’t wait to dive into these samples. Thanks for the heads up, sheryll!

    • I’ve used the Deep Chords Toolkit Freebie and managed to create some cool tracks, Trent_B. It’s all about how you use them!

    • Trent_B, some of these packs have unique sounds u won’t find in paid packs. It’s more about creativity.

  2. If I had a dime for every time a free sample made me a hit, I’d have… well, zero dimes. Better check these out!

  3. I’ve used a couple of these samples. Let me tell you, they are game changers for small studio productions.

  4. While freebies are great, investing in high-quality samples is key for that polished sound. Anyone else think free packs just can’t compare?

  5. How versatile are these sample packs for blending with genres outside RnB, like techno? Anyone experimented?


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