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What are EDM Sample Packs?

EDM sample packs are collections of audio clips, loops, and one-shots that are specifically designed for electronic dance music production.

These packs can include a variety of sounds such as drum beats, synth lines, vocal chops, FX sounds, and even options for future bass.

These packs are a vital tool for producers, providing a vast array of sounds to experiment with and incorporate into their tracks, with the bonus of being royalty free.

How to Use EDM Sample Packs in Your Music

Electronic Dance Music production often involves the use of sample packs, which are collections of pre-recorded audio clips along with an audio player for easy auditioning.

These samples can be categorized into various types such as drum one-shots, drum loops, melody loops, basses, FX, vocals, and even stuff beyond the typical. Each of these sample pack types has a unique role in the creation of an EDM track.

Drum One-Shots

Drum one-shots are individual drum sounds like kicks, snares, hi-hats, or percussion instruments. They are versatile and can be used to create custom drum patterns that fit your track perfectly. You can program these drum samples either directly into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) using MIDI files or by dragging the audio samples into the timeline. You can also process these samples with effects like saturation or reverb to add more body and presence to your drums.

Drum Loops

Drum loops are pre-arranged drum patterns that can be used as a rhythmic foundation for your track. They can be used as they are, or you can chop them up and rearrange them to create unique drum patterns. You can also layer different drum loops to create complex rhythms. However, it’s important to process your loops to make them unique and fit your track’s vibe.

Melody Loops

Melody loops are pre-recorded melodic phrases that can be used as a starting point for your track. These can include anything from bass guitars, analog synthesizers, synthesizers, bass guitars, chords, and more. They can be used to inspire new ideas or to provide a melodic structure for your track. You can manipulate these loops by changing their pitch, tempo, or by adding effects to make them fit your track.


Bass samples are crucial in EDM as they provide the low-end energy and drive the rhythm of the track. You can use bass samples as they are, or you can process them with effects like distortion or EQ to fit your track’s style and sound.


FX samples include sounds like risers, downlifters, impacts, and atmospheric sounds. These samples are used to create transitions, add tension, or provide a sense of space in your track. They can be used as they are, or you can process them with effects like reverb or delay to fit the vibe of your track.


Vocal samples can be used to add a human element to your track. They can be used as they are, or you can process them with effects like pitch correction, reverb, or delay to fit your track’s style and sound. You can also chop up vocal samples and rearrange them to create unique vocal phrases.

EDM sample packs are a valuable resource for music producers. They provide a wide range of presets and sounds that can be used to create unique and professional-sounding tracks. However, it’s important to process these samples and make them your own to create a unique sound identity. Considered an upgrade to your production tools, these sample packs offered by WA Production will definitely enhance your creativity.

Final Thoughts

While sample packs are an amazing and invaluable resource, it’s important to remember that they are just one tool in your music production toolkit. The key to creating great music is not just having great sounds, but knowing how to use them effectively. So, grab a pack now and start producing your next EDM banger!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are EDM sample packs?

EDM sample packs are collections of music samples and loops that producers can use to create electronic dance music, including future bass. These packs typically include a variety of sounds like drum beats, basslines, synth leads, and effects that are royalty-free and can be incorporated into original music compositions to enhance creativity.

Are there any legal concerns when using EDM sample packs for producing my own tracks?

The EDM sample packs in our library are all royalty-free. Meaning you can use them in your tracks however you like without having to pay royalties to anyone. This also means you can distribute your tracks comercially.

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