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Mastering is the art of balancing precision and emotion, ensuring that every note resonates with the listener’s soul.

Ever felt like your tracks need that extra polish to sound professional?

We’ve got just what you need! In our article “5 Best Free Mastering VST Plugins,” we’re diving into the top free tools that can elevate your music production.

We’ve all been there, spending hours tweaking our mixes, only to realize they still lack that final touch. It’s frustrating, right?

Wondering which mastering plugins are worth your time? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you! These plugins are FREE!

Yes, you heard that right – top-notch mastering tools without breaking the bank! Each one of these plugins has been carefully selected to ensure you get the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and discover these amazing plugins that will take your tracks to the next level!

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these game-changers.

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5 Best Free Mastering VST Plugins

Let’s now cover all of the best free mastering VST plugins available:

1. Master_Me by Klaus Scheuermann

Master_Me by Klaus Scheuermann GUI-5 Best Free Mastering VST Plugins

Overview of Master_Me




open-source mastering plugin

macOS, Windows, Linux


Master_Me by Klaus Scheuermann is a top-tier mastering plugin that delivers powerful and intuitive controls.

It offers a suite of mastering tools that include compression, EQ, and stereo enhancement, all designed to give your tracks a polished and professional finish.

The user-friendly interface allows us to quickly dial in the perfect settings, making it accessible for both beginners and pros.

We particularly appreciate the high-quality presets, which provide a great starting point for any mastering session.

Whether we’re looking to add subtle polish or bold enhancements, Master_Me consistently delivers impressive results.

2. Barricade Pro by Jeroen Breebaart

Barricade Pro by Jeroen Breebaart GUI

Overview of Barricade Pro




multi-factor mastering limiter plugin



Barricade Pro by Jeroen Breebaart is a powerful mastering VST plugin that offers high-quality limiting and loudness maximization.

We appreciate its transparent sound, which ensures that our mixes retain their dynamics and clarity even at higher volumes.

The interface is straightforward, making it easy to adjust settings and achieve the perfect loudness for our tracks.

With features like advanced peak limiting and adjustable release times, Barricade Pro provides the control needed for professional mastering results.

3. MHORSE P3 MKII by Terry West

MHORSE P3 MKII by Terry West GUI

Overview of MHORSE P3 MKII




parallel mastering processor plugin



MHORSE P3 MKII by Terry West is a versatile mastering plugin that packs a punch.

With its intuitive interface, we can easily dial in precise adjustments to our mix.

The multiband compressor and dynamic EQ sections are particularly impressive, allowing us to control dynamics with precision.

We love the saturation feature, which adds warmth and character to our tracks.

Plus, the built-in stereo widener helps us achieve a polished, professional sound.

For mastering our projects, MHORSE P3 MKII is a top choice that delivers exceptional results.

4. CS12M Master Channel Strip by Terry West

CS12M Master Channel Strip GUI

Overview of CS12M Master Channel Strip




mastering channel strip plugin



CS12M Master Channel Strip by Terry West is an all-in-one mastering solution that simplifies our workflow with its versatile range of tools.

We appreciate its comprehensive design, offering EQ, compression, limiting, and saturation all in one place.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to dial in the perfect settings for any mix, ensuring our tracks sound polished and professional.

The built-in metering provides valuable feedback, allowing us to make precise adjustments with confidence.

For those seeking a robust and user-friendly mastering tool, CS12M is a standout choice.

5. PA FREE bx_Masterdesk Classic by Brainworx

PA FREE bx_Masterdesk Classic GUI

Overview of PA FREE bx_Masterdesk Classic




analog mastering plugin

macOS, Windows


PA FREE bx_Masterdesk Classic by Brainworx is a powerful tool for mastering your tracks with ease.

It offers a streamlined interface that simplifies the mastering process without compromising on quality.

We love how it combines an intuitive workflow with high-end audio processing.

The plugin provides precise control over various elements like EQ, compression, and stereo enhancement.

Its built-in presets make it easy to achieve professional-sounding results quickly.

We appreciate the ability to fine-tune our tracks and bring out the best in our mixes.

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Final Thoughts

With these four mastering VST plugins in our toolkit, we’re ready to take our music to the next level.

Each plugin offers unique features that cater to different aspects of mastering, ensuring we have everything we need for a polished final product.

Experimenting with these tools will help us find the perfect sound for our tracks.

We encourage you to dive in and explore their capabilities.

Mastering is an art, and with these plugins, we’re equipped to create truly professional results.

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