Roland R-8 MKII

Roland R-8 MKII

by SampleRadar
by Daniel Strongin

The Roland R-8 MkII is a 90s classic. It is still much revered today for its clean, deep sound. The original R-8 focussed on acoustic sounds, but the popularity of the SN-R8-04 Electronic and SN-R8-10 Dance sound cards, which contained TR-808, TR-909 and CR-78 samples, prompted Roland to release the MkII which had most of those sounds already built in. Whilst the sounds don’t sound exactly like a real 909/808/78, they do have a power and usability all of their own.

This isn’t an exhaustive sampling of the R-8, but instead we chose to focus on the electronic sounds that made this drum machine popular with artists such as Aphex Twin and Autechre. And to add a bit more charm, we sampled it though our favourite UA 1176 compressor.

What's Inside:

- 58 Drum Samples

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Daniel Strongin
San Francisco

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